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Church of St. Michael, Ipoh - Prayers

PRAYER TO ST MICHAEL, THE ARCHANGEL (prayed at the end of every mass)

You may download the common prayers used in our church by clicking on the links (in blue) below:

1.(a) Chaplet of St Michael, the Archangel (bilingual) - before mass every first, third and fifth weekend. For English version only, click here.

1.(b) Video fileChaplet of St Michael in English

1.(c) Video fileChaplet of St Michael in English video

1.(d) Video file圣弥额尔串经与简介

1.(e) Video file圣弥额尔串经 video

2. Prayer to St Michael (bilingual version)

3. The Holy Rosary (in English and Mandarin 中文) - before mass every second Saturday and second Sunday

4. Chaplet of the Divine Mercy - before mass every fourth weekend

5. Version 1 :- Way of the Cross: Reconciliation - on Fridays during Lent

6. Version 2 :- Way of the Cross: Come Back to Me - on Fridays during Lent

7. Version 3 :- Way of the Cross: Via Maria - on Good Friday

8. Video fileVersion 4 :- Way of the Cross : Accompanying Jesus on His final journey as His disciples ~ Do I love Jesus enough?

9. Video file苦路善功 : 我愿意陪伴耶稣走他在世上的最后旅程吗 + 我是否在苦路的每一处感受到祂对我的爱吗?(中文)