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For the movement control order (MCO) period when no public masses are allowed, please follow our masses online. Please refer to our Timetable for Online Masses or official Facebook page for details on where to follow livestreams of masses.

For the period while the conditional (CMCO) or recovery (RMCO) movement control order is in place and IF public masses are allowed, please refer to the table below or to our Facebook page for details of mass times and details of pre-registration for masses in SMC.

Schedule of masses in SMC (during CMCO or RMCO period) are as follows :-

Day Time Novena/Mass Pre-registration
Monday 7.30 p.m. Adoration & Mass (bilingual) Register with Jo-Anne (011-72597338).
Tuesday 11.00 a.m. Mass in English Register with English Evergreens Group to attend; Contact -Jennifer Duarte (017-5783601).
Wednesday 11.00 a.m./8 p.m. Mass in 中文 Mandarin Register with Alex Lee (010-4643181) for 11am or Theresa (012-5060069)for 8pm mass . You will be notified if your seat is confirmed.
Thursday 11.00a.m. Mass in English Register with Mariasusay (018-5762207) to attend.
Thursday 5.30 p.m. Padre Pio Novena followed by Mass at 6.00 p.m. Register with Theresa Boo (013-5846220) to attend.
Friday 11.00a.m. Mass Register with Patrick Tan (013-5302988) to attend.
Friday 7.30 p.m. Adoration & Benediction (non-Lent season), Way of the Cross (during Lent) followed by Mass Register with Jessica Wong (011-26938369) to attend.
Saturday 7.00 p.m. Mass in English ; also available online at our SMC YouTube channel Register via online form link on our SMC Facebook or our Website.
Sunday 8.30 a.m. Mass in English Register via online form link on our SMC Facebook or our Website.
Sunday 10.30 a.m. Mass in 中文 Mandarin ; also available online at our SMC YouTube channel Register via online form link on our SMC Facebook or our Website.

The schedule of mass times in SMC below are for normal days when there is no more movement control order.

Schedule of masses in SMC (non-MCO period) are as follows:-

Day Time Novena/Mass
Monday 5.30 p.m. Mass followed by Novena to the Divine Mercy (In Adoration Room)
Tuesday 7.00 a.m. Mass
Wednesday 5.30 p.m. Mass
Thursday 5.00 p.m. Novena to Padre Pio followed by Mass
Every 1st Friday (i) 7.30 p.m. ; (ii) 8.00p.m. (i) Adoration and Benediction ; (ii) Novena to the Sacred Heart followed by Mass
Friday (Except 1st Fridays) (i) 7.30 p.m. ; (ii) 8.00 p.m. (i) Adoration and Benediction ; (ii) Mass
Saturday 7.00 p.m. Sunset Mass in English
Sunday (i) 8.00 a.m. ; (ii) 10.00 a.m. ; (iii) 5.30p.m. (i) Mass in English; (ii) Mass in Chinese ; (iii) Mass in English (2nd week in BM)

Marian Devotion : 7.30p.m. Rosary followed by Mass (On the 13th day of every month EXCEPT weekends)

Prayers in SMC

You may download the common prayers used in our church by clicking on the links below:

1. Chaplet of St Michael, the Archangel (bilingual) - before mass every first, third and fifth weekend. For English version only, click here.

2. Prayer to St Michael - at the end of every mass

3. The Holy Rosary (in English and Mandarin 中文) - before mass every second Saturday and second Sunday

4. Chaplet of the Divine Mercy - before mass every fourth weekend

5. Version 1 :- Way of the Cross: Reconciliation - on Fridays during Lent

6. Version 2 :- Way of the Cross: Come Back to Me - on Fridays during Lent

7. Version 3 :- Way of the Cross: Via Maria - on Good Friday

8. Version 4 :- Way of the Cross : Accompanying Jesus on His final journey as His disciples ~ Do I love Jesus enough? - Video narrated by Fr Anthony Liew

9. 苦路善功 : 我愿意陪伴耶稣走他在世上的最后旅程吗 + 我是否在苦路的每一处感受到祂对我的爱吗?- Video narrated by Fr Anthony Liew (中文)

Rental of Fr Peter Pang Hall

First 6 hours (1/2 day) RM500.00
Each additional hour RM100.00
Cleaning charges RM100.00

Please note that church weddings/bookings are only available for couples where at least one of the partner is a practising Catholic.

Booking outside Peter Pang Hall (Parish Activity Centre Hall) for Wedding Reception : RM200.00

No booking of Peter Pang Hall (Parish Activity Centre Hall) for non-parishioners.

Stipend to church for weddings : RM250.00 (Please take note that separate payments to choirs for wedding services will be charged accordingly.)

Funeral Parlour Charges

Click here for Rules for the Use of Chapel of Repose starting from January 2018.

Purchase of niches at columbarium

For purchase of columbarium niches at St Michael's church, kindly check with the parish office.

Please note that the guidelines on usage of the columbarium are as follows:

i. Only 2 tealight candles and a vase of flowers allowed on one niche ;

ii. Fresh flowers are to be removed after one week ;

iii.Niche must be kept neat and tidy at all times.

Purchase of cemetary plots

For purchase of cemetary plots, please contact the parish office directly.

Opening Hours for Religious Articles Centre in St Michael's Church

Saturdays 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 noon; 6.30p.m. to 7.00p.m.; 8.00p.m. to 8.30p.m.
Sundays 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 noon; 5.00p.m. to 5.30p.m.

Please take note that the Religious Articles Centre will only be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm during the RMCO period.