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SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Presentation for LeHigh University and Rise Against Hunger, 29th May 2018

SOA members Stephanie Yeap,Hubert Thong, Bernard Lee and Helen Yeap met with students and professors from LeHigh University, USA and representatives from Rise Against Hunger (RAH) on the morning of Wesak Day. The team from LeHigh, a private research university in the city of Bethlehem,Pennsylvania,USA were on an educational and research tour of Malaysia. They were briefed about the work done by SOA with the Orang Asli. SOA's Stephanie Yeap gave an outline of the laws of Malaysia which pertained to the Orang Asli and Hubert Thong gave the visitors an overview of the works done by SOA. It was an interesting session with both SOA members answering many questions from LeHigh students,their professors, and the representatives from RAH. The visitors were particularly interested in the problems faced by the Orang Asli and also challenges faced by SOA. RAH were shown how their fortified rice were transported to villagers in far flung areas of Perak and sometimes even beyond the borders of Perak. In closing, the visitors presented SOA reps with a few gifts including a generous donation of RM900/= from LeHigh University group for sponsorship of the food packs for Kg Balang and RM400/= from RAH for purchase of OA products. The visitors were then presented with a copy of the SOA presentation and bangles made by the Orang Asli community in Tapah and Gerik.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Presentation at Pink Shoes HQ,KL - 21st May 2018

SOA members were invited to attend the Pink Shoes Organisation annual meeting on 21st May 2018. SOA's Hubert Thong gave an update on the works done by SOA for the year 2018. Pink Shoes organisation had already earmarked and spent thousands to complete painting and wiring works on the multi-purpose hall built by SOA for the Orang Asli of Kg Sg Bil in Tanjung Malim. During the meeting, they generously presented SOA with a further donation of RM3,774/=. SOA is very grateful for their constant support and encouragement. "Thank you and Terima Kasih" to the Pink Shoes organisation.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Medical Camp at Suak Padi, 19th May 2018

Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi Medical camp at Suak Padi


The PHDC would like to thank all parishioners and friends who have generously contributed to the Lenten Campaign. The amount collected was RM61,800. God bless you all.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Medical Camp at Gerik villages, 21st Apr. 2018

Medical camp at Gerik Medical camp at Gerik Medical camp at Gerik Medical camp at Gerik Medical camp at Gerik Medical camp at Gerik

EASTER VIGIL - 31st Mar. 2018

SMC Easter vigil mass on 31st March 2018 was celebrated with much pomp and joy, as the parish played host to two visiting priests, Fr Jan Choong and Fr Dario. Fr Jan Choong had been given the honour of baptising four members of his own family,i.e. his father, his sister and two nieces. Parish priest Fr Stephen Liew concelebrated the mass with Fr Jan and Fr Dario. The celebration was conducted in English, Mandarin and Latin and suitably enhanced by the powerful singing of Fr Jan and the two choirs on duty. The baptised were presented with paper blessings from Pope Francis at the end of the mass.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Medical Camp at Kg Sekam,Cameron Highlands - 24th Mar. 2018

SOA medical team together with volunteers from Fatimah Hospital,Ipoh and Hospital Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun (HRPB),Ipoh conducted a medical camp at Kg Sekam,Cameron highlands on the morning of 24th March 2018.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Food aid to Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar - 24th Mar. 2018

SOA members together with two members of SSVP Kuala Kangsar, delivered food packs to twelve orang asli families in Kg Balang, Ulu Bekor,Kuala Kangsar.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Meeting with SOLS24/7 group at Pos Kemar,Gerik - 24th Mar. 2018

A group of SOA members met up with SOLS24/7, a non-governmental organisation committed to serve and educate impoverished communities throughout Malaysia. The meeting was set up to plan for how SOA and SOLS24/7 could work together to assist the orang asli in the area of education,particularly for those living in the remote parts of Gerik.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Medical Camp at Gerik villages, 24th Feb. 2018

SOA's team together with dedicated volunteers including doctors and nurses from Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh and HRPB Ipoh travelled to orang asli villages in Gerik on the morning of 24th Feb 2018. This was a follow up medical camp for villagers in Kg Lubuk Chupak and Kg Sg Karah.

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SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Mass at Sacred Heart,Kampar, 22nd Feb. 2018

SOA sponsored hampers for Kg Batu Berangkai Harvest FestivalSOA sponsored 20 hampers for the orang asli community in Kg Batu Berangkai, Kampar in conjuction with their Harvest Festival. Four SOA members including Fr Stephen Liew, attended the special mass held at Church of the Sacred Heart,Kampar to give thanks for the orang asli's harvest festival. The orang asli community prepared a delicious spread for all after mass.

Chinese New Year at SMC - 16th February 2018

2018 CNY decorations in SMC 2018 CNY decorations in SMC 2018 CNY decorations in SMC

Ponggal Celebrations - 4th February 2018

Ponggal photo The Indian group of St Michael's church hosted a Ponggal celebration at the Parish Activity Centre after the Sunday morning mass on 4th Feb 2018. The traditional boiling of rice and milk in an earthenware pot was done outside the church, in the early hours before the morning English-language mass on 4th Feb 2018. The Indian group offered the Ponggal goodies together with the bread and wine during the Presentation of Gifts during mass. Parishioners were treated to traditional Ponggal fare of sticky rice among other meals. St Michael's parish wishes all our Indian friends and parishioners a Happy Ponggal.

SAHABAT ORANG ASLI - Medical camp at Kg Sinju, 14th Jan. 2018

A medical camp was conducted at Kg Sinju orang asli village on the morning of 14th January 2018. SOA's resident doctor was assisted by a team of volunteers from our parish BECs, and personnel including doctors,pharmacist and nurses from Hospital Fatimah,Ipoh and HRPB Ipoh.

Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju Med camp at Kg Sinju


banana leaf rice meal picture

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) held a Banana Leaf Rice Charity Lunch at St Michael's church parish activity centre on 21st Jan 2018. The delicious banana leaf meals were served from 9.00a.m. to 2.30p.m. The event was a rousing success and the SSVP would like to thank parishioners from St Michael's church and all other parishes for their generous support towards this Charity Lunch. Special thanks to parish priest, Fr Stephen Liew for allowing the use of St Michaels' activity centre. Proceeds from this charity lunch will go to the Yayasan Ozanam (Drop-in Centre) in Sungai Siput, Perak. This centre is located in Kampung Muhibbah in Sg Siput,where children of underpriveleged families are given a safe environment to study and have a meal before or after going to school.