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Church of St. Michael, Ipoh - Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate

Sahabat Orang Asli Project

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  • Project to reach out to Orang Asli communities was adopted by the 2013 Parish Assembly of St Michael's church (SMC),Ipoh. Perak has the second highest number of orang asli communities in Malaysia and many of these communities live in fairly poor conditions.
  • The outreach projects started in January 2014 and the project team has reached out to villagers in Kg Sekam,Tapah,Kg Sinju near Simpang Pulai,Kg Sg Karah and Kg. Air Bah Lawin, Gerik among others.
  • The goal of this mission is to help improve the lives of the orang asli in the areas of nutrition, sanitation, education,healthcare and economic development.
  • Project is now under the purview of the Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate, under the direct authority of Rt Rev Sebastian Francis,Bishop of Penang.
  • Members of the project team comprises original members of the SMC project team. All other parishes in the Perak area particularly those servicing orang asli communities are also invited to join this team.
  • This project would not be possible without the aid of numerous donors, sponsors and volunteers. We thank our generous donors, Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh for their kind donation of free medication and provision of staff to assist in medical camps, the volunteer doctors,nurses and pharmacists of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun, Pejabat Kesihatan Pergigian Daerah Kuala Kangsar, Makmal Kesihatan Awam Jelapang, Good Shepherd Sisters and Mariaville kindergarten,the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Sunway Group, 'Rise Against Hunger' formerly known as 'Stop Hunger Now' organisation, the BECs of Our Lady of Lourdes Church,Ipoh and all other sponsors and kind volunteers for their generous efforts in supporting this cause.
  • SOA Project updates with photographs of events, can be viewed chronologically in the Archives pages starting from Year 2014 onwards.


    Volunteers are most welcome to join us in our mission. We particularly require drivers with own 4WD vehicles, medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses, engineers or builders,teachers and people with farming expertise.Click here to download the volunteer form. Interested volunteers may fill in the form and submit it to our parish office.


    This is the organisation structure of the the Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate.


    This is the proposed committee structure within each church, for each church/parish who is part of the Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate.


    15th - 16th February 2020 Medical Camp to Pos Kemar,Gerik SOA medical team together with dedicated volunteers and doctors held a two day medical camp at a few Orang asli villages in Gerik .
    18th January 2020 Medical Camp to Chenderiang,Tapah SOA team together with dedicated volunteers and doctors conducted their first medical camp of the year at an orang asli village in Chenderiang,Tapah.
    12th January 2020 Sales of Fish from Kampung Sekam SOA team and their dedicated volunteers cleaned, packed and sold fish to parishioners of St Michael's church and Our Perpetual Help church after the morning masses.
    30th November 2019 Second Delivery of Emergency Rations to Kelantan SOA team delivered the second batch of food aid for Orang Asli to a drop-off point near Pos Simpor, Kelantan.
    23rd November 2019 Delivery of Emergency Rations to Kelantan SOA answered the SOS call from orang asli in Pos Simpor, Kelantan who are in desperate need of food due to destruction of their homes and crops by rising flood waters and rampaging elephants. The small SOA team delivered the first batch of fortified rice, white rice, milk powder, biscuits and noodles on 23rd November 2019 to a safe house. More food supplies will be delivered in the coming week.
    26th October 2019 Medical camp at Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands SOA's final medical camp for the year to Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands.
    24th August 2019 Medical camp at Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA medical camp to Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai.
    17th August 2019 Delivery of food aid to Gerik SOA survey and mobilisation team together with volunteers from OMPH church and Dr Calvin from Taiping delivered food aid to feeding centre at Kg Sg Ralak and Kg Pensek,Gerik. Volunteer doctor conducted examination of OA children in the area. A big "Thank you" to volunteers and donors from Taiping Catholic church,OLOL church, OMPH church and Quest university for coming to the aid of the feeding centre.
    26th July 2019 Receipt of Fortified Rice SOA took delivery of 280 boxes of fortified rice (formulated by Rise Against Hunger) from Forever Living Products (M) Sdn Bhd. This is equivalent to about 60,000 meals. A big "Thank you" to them for their generous donation.
    20th July 2019 Medical camp to Gerik villages SOA medical camp to Kg Sg Karah and Kg Lubok Chupak, Gerik.
    29th June 2019 Medical camp to Gerik villages SOA medical camp to Kg Air Bah Lawin and Lawin Selatan, Gerik.
    24th May 2019 Food aid to Gerik villages SOA delivered food aid to OA communities in need in Kg Lubuk Chupak, Air Bah and Hulu Lawin Selatan.
    18th May 2019 Medical Camp at Kg Sinju SOA medical camp at Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai.
    20th Apr 2019 Medical Camp at Kg Suak Padi SOA medical camp at Suak Padi, Perak Tengah.
    25th Mar 2019 Delivery of food aid to Kg Suak Padi SOA members delivered food aid for targeted orang asli families in Kg Suak Padi.
    23rd Mar 2019 Delivery of food aid to Kg Balang,Kuala Kangsar SOA members delivered 13 packs of food aid for targeted families in Kg Balang, Ulu Bekor, Kuala Kangsar.
    23rd Mar 2019 Medical Camp at Kg Sekam SOA medical camp at Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands.
    1st Mar 2019 Delivery of food aid to Gerik SOA delivered 10 packs of food aid for targeted families in Hulu Lawin Selatan, Gerik.
    23rd Feb 2019 Medical Camp at Gerik and meeting in Tapah SOA healthcare and nutrition team conducted medical camp at Kg Sg Karah and Lubuk Chupak,Gerik. SOA survery and mobilisation team held meeting at Church of St Mary,Tapah with Fr Michael Dass and Monsignor Stephen Liew to discuss future pre-school plans for orang asli children in Tapah.
    22nd Feb 2019 Sponsorship for Kg Batu Berangkai,Kampar Sponsored hampers and supplied gifts from City Parish,Penang for orang asli harvest festival at Kampung Batu Berangkai, Kampar.
    21st Feb 2019 Food aid deliveries SOA delivered food aid to orang asli households in Suak Padi.
    26th Jan 2019 Food aid deliveries Two separate SOA teams delivered food aid to orang asli households in Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands and Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar.
    5th Jan 2019 Gerik villages SOA team conducted medical camp and delivered gifts from City Parish,Penang to OA community in Gerik.
    8th Dec 2018 Gerik villages SOA team conducted mini-medical camp and learning workshop for Orang Asli community in Gerik, together with Pink Shoes organisation and CHOICE Penang.
    8th Dec 2018 Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar Delivery of food aid packs for 13 families.
    1st Dec 2018 Kg Suak Padi,Sitiawan Delivery of food aid packs for OA families.
    10th Nov 2018 Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands Delivery of food aid pack for 4 OA families.
    10th Nov 2018 Kg Balang and Kg Mendering, Kuala Kangsar Delivery of food aid pack for 12 OA families.
    27th Oct 2018 Gerik villages Delivery of food aid packs by SOA member Bernard Lee and team to Gerik villages.
    22nd Sept 2018 Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands Medical camp with volunteers from Fatimah hospital and HRPB,Ipoh.
    8th Sept 2018 Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar Delivered 12 food packs to 12 orang asli familes in Kg Balang. SOA also gave a cash donation of RM3000/= to furnish the new chapel built by the orang asli with financial aid from Penang Diocese.
    30th Aug to 1st Sept 2018 Pos Kemar, Gerik SOA sponsored food, accomodation and transport for orang asli from Kampar, Tapah and Bidor to attend Merdeka Day orang asli gathering in Gerik. SOA members were on hand to meet Menteri Besar of Perak YAB Ahmad Faisal Azumu, who made a surprise visit to the festivities and toured the area visiting not only the jungle sites, but also the local health clinic and school in the area.
    16th August 2018 Lost World Hotel, Ipoh Receipt of 239 boxes fortified rice from Sunway Group. 100 boxes was immediately allocated to Hospital Gerik for their re-feeding programme.
    28th July 2018 Kg Lubuk Chupak and Lawin Selatan,Gerik Medical camp at Kampung Lubuk Chupak dan Kg Lawin Selatan in Gerik.
    21st July 2018 Kg Ulu Bekor, Kuala Kangsar Food aid delivered to Kampung Balang and Kg Mendering in Kampung Ulu Bekor,Kuala Kangsar.
    13th July 2018 Pos Kemar,Gerik SOA helped OA community to build and furnish 2 kampung houses for eco-tourism purposes.
    30th June 2018 Gerik villages Medical camp at Kg Air Bah Lawin dan Kg Lubuk Chupak in Gerik.
    29th May 2018 SFX Hall,St Michael's church,Ipoh Presentation for visitors from LeHigh University,Pennsylvania,USA and Rise Against Hunger. SOA are grateful to the visitors for their interest in SOA's activities and their gift of RM1,300/= (of which RM900/= from LeHigh University was specifically for sponsorship of food packs to Kg Balang) and RM400/= from Rise Against Hunger representatives (for purchase of OA products).
    21st May 2018 Pink Shoes HQ, Kuala Lumpur SOA members received cheque for approximately RM3,774/= being donation to SOA. Pink Shoes have already spent thousands painting and doing up the wiring on the multi-purpose hall built earlier by SOA for Orang Asli in Kg Sg Bil,Tanjung Malim. A big "Thank you" to Pink Shoes organisation!
    19th May 2018 Suak Padi Medical camp with volunteers from hospital Fatimah,Ipoh.
    21st April 2018 Hulu Lawin Selatan,Gerik Medical camp with volunteers from hospital Fatimah,Ipoh.
    24th March 2018 Pos Kemar,Gerik Meeting with Sols24/7 for future plans in area of education.
    24th March 2018 Kg Sekam, Cameron Highlands Medical camp together with volunteers from HRPB Ipoh and Fatimah hospital,Ipoh.
    24th March 2018 Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar Food aid delivery.
    24th February 2018 Kg Lubuk Chupak and Kg Sg Karah, Gerik Medical camp together with volunteers from Hospital Fatimah and HRPB,Ipoh.
    22nd February 2018 Sacred Heart Church, Kampar SOA sponsored 20 hampers for the orang asli community of Kg Baru Berangkai,Kampar Harvest Festival. Three SOA members together with Fr Liew also joined in the mass at church of the Sacred Heart,Kampar, held in thanksgiving for their Harvest Festival.
    14th January 2018 Kg Sinju,Simpang Pulai Medical camp together with volunteers from Hospital Fatimah and HRPB,Ipoh.
    2nd December 2017 Kg Balang, Kuala Kangsar Food aid delivery.
    26th November 2017 Gerik Delivery of emergency food rations and other materials to Gerik.
    18th November 2017 Kampung Sg Bil,Tanjung Malim Blessing and opening of new multi-purpose hall built by SOA for villagers in Kampung Sg Bil,Tg Malim.
    14th October 2017 Taiping Zoo trip SOA sponsored a field trip to Taiping Zoo for 7 Kg Sinju kindergarten children and the orang asli teacher.
    8th October 2017 Kampung Sg Karah and Lawin Selatan,Gerik Delivery of emergency food aid to needy orang asli families.
    31st August 2017 Sungai Bil,Tanjung Malim Groundbreaking ceremony for construction of a small multi-purpose community hall at Sg Bil,Tanjung Malim together with orang asli friends.
    26th August 2017 Kampung Balang, off Kuala Kangsar Delivery of food aid by SOA and SSVP members to 12 orang asli families in need at Kampung Balang, off Kuala Kangsar.
    20th August 2017 Church of St Michael and OMPH, Ipoh Sale of tilapia fish farmed from Kg Sekam orang asli village at SMC and church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Ipoh Garden.
    12th August 2017 Church of St Michael, Ipoh Second Assembly of the Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate (PDOAA) attended by orang asli representatives from all over Perak. There was also a medical talk on proper nutrition and malnutrition by Dr Kelvin Goh and Dr Ho from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun,Ipoh and an awareness presentation pertaining to orang asli customary land rights, by orang asli activists, Kak Tijah and Dollah.
    3rd August 2017 Lost World Hotel, Ipoh Fr Liew,on behalf of SOA, received approximately 60,000 rice meals of fortified rice donation from Sunway Group. SOA thanks Sunway Group and Rise Against Hunger organisation (formerly Stop Hunger Now) for their kind and continuous support.
    21st - 22nd July 2017 Pos Kemar, Gerik SOA Survey and Mobilisation team together with Fr Stephen Liew stayed at Pos Kemar, Gerik. The new Community Hall was officially declared open and Fr Liew performed a blessing for the new premises.
    8th July 2017 Pos Kemar,Kg Sg Karah, Kg Kubuk Chupak,Kg Air Bah Lawin in Gerik SOA Survey and Mobilisation team headed to Pos Kemar, to view the new Community Hall built by the orang asli with aid from SOA. The SOA Healthcare and Nutrition team together with volunteers from Fatimah Hospital,Ipoh and other volunteers conducted the follow up medical camp for a few villages in Gerik.
    1st July 2017 Kg Balang, off Kuala Kangsar,Perak SOA team comprising two SOA members and two SSVP Kuala Kangsar members paid a visit to deliver food aid (food pack included rice, fortified rice,ikan bilis, oil,salt, sugar, biscuits, malt beverage) to 12 orang asli households in Kampung Balang, Ulu Bekor, Perak. The families assisted were very grateful for the aid as they comprised mainly elderly people who were unable to work. The team were happy to hear that the families also enjoyed eating the fortified rice supplied, as the SOA team had encountered some orang asli villages who did not take to the fortified rice. The team also took time to talk to the villager to find out more about their needs and any problems encountered in their daily lives.
    10th June 2017 Orang asli villages in Tg Malim,Perak Trip by SOA survey and mobilisation team to Tg Malim, to liase with parish priest and SOA parish members of Tg Malim church in order to see how SOA can assist the orang asli community in this area. Pink Shoes NGO have also pledged their support towards this project.
    23rd April 2017 St Michael's Church,Ipoh Sale of tilapia fish harvested by orang asli community from Kg Sekam with assistance from SOA mobilisation team members.
    22nd April 2017 Kg Sekam, Tapah Follow up medical camp to Kg Sekam with SOA medical team and volunteers.
    1st April 2017 Kg Balang, Ulu Bekor Two SOA teams set out to deliver rice and other foodstuff to some elderly orang asli households in Kuala Kangsar and near Kelantan area. The trip to Kuala Kangsar was accompanied by members from SSVP Kuala Kangsar.
    11th March 2017 Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA doctor and volunteers from HRPB,Ipoh and Fatimah Hospital,Ipoh conducted a follow-up medical camp at Kg Sinju,Simpang Pulai.
    25th February 2017 St Michael's Church, Ipoh SOA members received 20,000 meal equivalents of fortified rice (93 boxes) from Stop Hunger Now, kindly sponsored by the Rotaract Club of Taylor's College,Kuala Lumpur.
    24th February 2017 Kg Batu Berangkai,Kampar SOA sponsored 20 hampers for orang asli community's Pesta Menuai at Kg Batu Berangkai,Kampar. SOA also provided financial aid to Sacred Heart Church,Kampar, for an orang asli family presently needing temporary assistance.
    9th February 2017 Kg Tersau, Gerik SOA doctor and volunteers paid a visit to Kg Tersau to distibute food aid and conduct medical check-up, with special attention to an OA family with a cerebral palsy child.
    21st - 22nd January 2017 St Michael's Church,Ipoh SOA mobiisation team members helped to clean,pack and transport fish farmed in Kg Sekam for sale to parishioners. The fish were put on sale after all masses starting from the sunset mass on 21st January 2017. SOA team thanks all parishioners for their kind support in making this aquaculture project in Kg Sekam a success.Total sales to date amounted to RM7,430/=.
    7th - 8th January 2017 Gerik SOA team members together with volunteers from Ipoh's Fatimah hospital, volunteer doctors from Ipoh and Teluk Intan and volunteers from Taiping conducted medical camps at Kg Air Bah Lawin, Kg Sg Karah and three new villages in the area. Rice packs were also delivered to the villagers. Doctors were pleased to record some improvement in the health of the families found to be malnourished in the previous medical visit in the second half of 2016.
    11th - 12th December 2016 St Michael's Church, Ipoh SOA members together with SOA partners, the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP),FMDM sisters Sr Connie and Sr Katherine and Good Shepherd services, and SMC parishioners hosted over a hundred and fifty orang asli from Kampar,Tapah and Simpang Pulai on the Sunday 11th Dec 2016 up to Monday, 12th Dec 2016. The orang asli friends arrived on Sunday just in time for a luncheon set in a carnival-like atmosphere. The Chinese Apostolate and some members of the SOA team, were on hand to do all the serving. SSVP group also prepared an arts and craft demonstration for the women and children orang asli. The orang asli then joined SMC parishioners for the 5.30p.m. mass conducted wholly in Bahasa Malaysia by Fr Jude Miranda of Taiping church and SMC's Fr Stephen Liew. There was active participation by the orang asli with Catholic orang asli from Kampar serving as altar servers and wardens during the mass. This was followed by a buffet dinner by the Ministry to the Poor and a Christmas Concert which saw the participation of SMC's youth, the Sam Tet school band and orang asli youth and band from Kg Sekam and Kg Sinju. The orang asli guests stayed overnight at the church parish activity centre. The orang asli guests then proceeded home on chartered buses with breakfast packs supplied by SOA. SOA thanks all volunteers and sponsors for their generous support in making this Christmas fellowship a rousing success!
    4th December 2016 St Michael's Church,Ipoh SOA mobiisation team members helped to clean,pack and transport fish farmed in Kg Sekam for sale to parishioners. All fish were sold out by the end of the morning masses. SOA team thanks all parishioners for their great support as the aquaculture project started almost eleven months ago is now bearing fruit for the villagers of Kg Sekam.
    29th November 2016 Kg Sinju,Simpang Pulai SOA and SSVP members arranged for members from the Yemaya Life yoga group to visit the orang asli village in Kg Sinju. The group donated RM10,000/= to SOA. Yemaya Life group members also brought gifts of books, bags and stationery for the village children. They also sponsored a packed lunch for the children. SOA is very thankful to the Yemaya Life group for their kind support and donations to the SOA cause.
    12th November 2016 Kampung Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA members together with villagers of Kg Sinju installed pipes to divert water sourced from the hills into their main water tank. The villagers had previously been using the nearby river for all their daily needs. The water pressure was found to be low after installation, so some remedial work is required. SOA will buy the materials for the villagers to do the works.
    5th November 2016 Kampung Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA members delivered food packs and fortified rice to seven malnourised families. SOA partners in education, the SSVP went in to conduct classes with trainee Orang Asli teacher using the Fatima Education syllabus.
    22nd October 2016 Gerik Delivered 50 boxes of fortified rice to Hospital Gerik to assist in the hospital's re-feeding programme for malnourished families.
    8th & 9th October 2016 St Michael's Church, Ipoh SOA team set up a booth at the porch of St Michael to collect funds for agriculture and community development work in selected orang asli villages in Gerik. A total of RM8,023/= was collected from the four masses on the weekend of 8th and 9th October 2016. In addition, SOA's members from the Chinese Apostolate also sold herbal eggs and sweet corn donated by Auntie Rose, to raise an additional RM775.50 towards the cause. SOA wishes to thank all parishioners and other donors who contributed so generously to this cause.
    8th October 2016 Kampung Sekam, Tapah Medical camp by SOA team together with SOA partners Fatimah hospital, volunteer doctors and twenty UTP students. SOA Survey and Mobilisation team also checked on progress of the fish-rearing project.
    16th September 2016 Pos Kemar, Gerik SOA Survey & Mobilisation team together with Fr Stephen Liew paid a visit to the orang asli community in Pos Kemar,Gerik. SOA is helping this community with the building of a community hall and also helping them to obtain alternative source of income through agriculture projects.
    3rd September 2016 Kampung Sinju, Simpang Pulai Medical and dental camp together with SOA partners Fatimah hospital, Pejabat Kesihatan Pergigian Kuala Kangsar and volunteer doctors from Ipoh, Teluk Intan and Bukit Mertajam.
    20th August 2016 Kampung Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA 'Open Day for Kampung Sinju Education Centre' together with education partners Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP),Good Shepherd centre, protestant church members and other volunteers.A banner was unfurled by both SOA and SSVP representatives. Encouraging turnout from parents and children from the village. One of the youth from the village is presently undergoing training with the Good Shepherd centre and she has also been schooled about the SSVP Fatima Education project. She will return to teach in the village once her training is complete. In the meantime, volunteers from our church,SSVP members from OLOL church and the protestant churches will be going in at different days of the week to teach the children.
    13th August 2016 Kampung Air Bah Lawin and Kampung Sg Karah, Gerik Delivery of emergency food packs to 13 families and a custom-made wheelchair for a cerebral palsy patient in the village by SOA and volunteer Mr.Stephen Chow.
    23rd to 24th July 2016 Kampung Air Bah Lawin and Kampung Sg Karah, Gerik Medical visit to kampung Air Bah Lawin and kampung Sungai Karah by SOA Medical Healthcare and Nutrition team together with team from Hospital Fatimah,Ipoh. Conducted medical check-ups and dispensed medication and fortified rice according to needs of the villagers. SOA volunteer Mr Stephen Chow taught two families with cerebral palsy members, how to give basic physiotherapy and care for these special children. Highlighted grave plight of four critically ill children to Gerik hospital, after dispensing appropriate medication.
    6th to 7th July 2016 Kampung Sekam,Tapah Delivered fortified rice and spent Hari Raya with villagers, with a kenduri. Annual football match between our SMC youth and village youth resulted in piala SOA remaining back in the village, as the orang asli youth won (again) but with a reduced margin this time! SOA team together with team from our education partners, Mariaville kindergarten also presented prizes to winners of the sports day for the Sekam pre-school.
    2nd July 2016 Kampung Sinju, Simpang Pulai Three of SOA's Medical Healthcare and Nutrition team members together with SOA's partners, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) members from church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Ipoh (OLOL) went into Kg Sinju on the morning of 2nd July 2016. The SOA team made home visits to the seven families found to be malnourished in the previous medical camp and supplied them with food packs containing rice, Milo, anchovies, milk etc. SSVP members also continued reorganisation of the proposed learning centre cum chapel. Painting was completed by afternoon and SSVP members also put in a white board, book shelves and partitions so that study areas could be separated from the cooking area. The proposed Fatima Education project which will be helmed by the SSVP has been planned for this community as a survey has shown that a majority of the children in this area do not go to school. It is hoped that this education project will complement the work done currently by two external volunteer teachers presently serving the community once a week. Villagers and SOA members were treated to a delicious lunch and tea,specially prepared by SSVP members.
    27th June 2016 Sunway Lost World Hotel, Tambun SOA's Hubert Thong,Francis Fernandes, Stephanie Yeap, Bernard Lee and Uncle Chan were on hand to witnesss the packing of 40,000 meal equivalent of fortified rice. SOA received 135 boxes of the packed fortified rice (equivalent to about 30,000 rice meals) while the balance were channeled to other communities by Sunway Group. A big "Thank You" to Sunway Group for their generous and constant support.
    5th June 2016 Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai SOA's Hubert Thong and Dr Albert Yong went into Kg Sinju to install a USB-ready LCD TV. This will be used for the education programme proposed. Hubert also conducted a survey on the alternative available water sources for the village. According to one of the villagers, JAKOA has agreed to giving materials so that a mini dam can be built to source for water from the foothills. However, volunteers willl need to be mobilised to finish the work.
    21st May 2016 Church of St Michael,Ipoh Leadership Training Seminar for Orang Asli was conducted in SFX hall of St Michael's church, Ipoh. Medical session complete with video presentations and live demonstrations was presented by Dato' Dr Amar Singh HSS, Head of the Paediatric Department of Hospital Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun,Ipoh. Motivational session was conducted by Mr Stephen Chow, founder of Persatuan Perkhidmatan Komuniti Taiping. Legal session on orang asli land rights was presented by Mr Amani Williams Hunt Abdullah, social activist,land rights campaigner and orang asli lawyer fondly known as Bah Tony among his orang asli community. There was also a short presentation by the Principal of Fatimah Hospital School of Nursing, to inform the orang asli community of the study opportunities available to their young girls who had suitable SPM qualifications. Participants were feted to breakfast and tea by the SOA team and a sponsored lunch by the Catholic Lawyers Society.
    11th May 2016 Rasa Sayang Hotel, Penang Received donation of "Stop Hunger Now" fortified rice (229 boxes equal to about 50,000 meals), this time, the meals being sponsored by Cisco Systems Malaysia with the packing event being hosted at Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang hotel,Penang. Transportation of the rice was made by a kind sponsor and the rice packs safely reached our church premises at around 9.15p.m. the same day.
    Apr - May 2016 Kg Charok Bus and Kg Sg Tekam,Hulu Perak SOA mobilisation team together with 2 asli friends from Kg Sekam, delivered 8 boxes of fortified rice to the villagers. Team also checked on water filtration system, for which repair works have now resumed after our team complained to the authorities during the last visit.
    Apr - May 2016 Kampar,Perak SOA's Hubert Thong ferried some orang asli youth to Fatimah hospital open day in Kampar. This outing was meant to open up more opportunities to the OA youth on matters of higher studies and employment. We are happy to report that one of the Kg Sekam girls have been accepted into Fatimah Hospital's School of Nursing. Another girl has been accepted into Mariaville Kindergarten to be trained as a kindergarten teacher and two others are undergoing baking courses with the Good Shepherd Centre. The SOA team is also presently collaborating with St Vincent de Paul Society of OLOL & KL headquarters to see what can be done in terms of basic education for the children in Kg Sinju.
    10th April 2016 Kg Sekam, Tapah SOA mobilisation team brought Mariaville kindergarten principal up to Kg Sekam to meet up with OA teachers and pupils about the progress of the pre-school.Teachers and students are progressing well.
    9th April 2016 Kg Sekam, Tapah Medical camp conducted together with volunteers from Fatimah hospital,Ipoh.Our doctor noticed a marked improvement in the health and nutrition of the fourth village. However, it was surprising to note that the first village,closest to Tapah, was the one with a higher cases of malnutrition. Fortified rice packs were given to families which were found to be suffering from malnutrition.
    19th March 2016 Kg Sinju, Simpang Pulai Medical camp conducted together with volunteers from Fatimah hospital,Ipoh and Ipoh general hospital.Proposed setting up of a feeding centre at pre-school/chapel area, where fortified rice can be supplied to.Volunteers taught children how importance of clean hands and nails. Mothers were taught how to cook the fortified rice and scheduling so that children in the area can be fed two complete meals of fortified rice a day. Fortified rice,eggs and biscuits were also served to those present during the medical camp.
    25th to 31st January 2016 Kg Sekam,Tapah Visit by Mariaville headmistress and teachers and Pink Shoes NGO to Kg Sekam pre-school. Purpose was to monitor the progress of the teachers and students. The SOA survey and mobilisation team also helped the villagers start an aquaculture project. Stock of fish were brought up to the village and released into the prepared ponds for breeding on 31st Jan 2016.
    16th January 2016 Kg Sekam,Tapah Clinic visit by SOA health and nutrition team at the request of villagers. The villagers had been experiencing some health problems and requested SOA's team doctor's presence as the next medical camp in April was a long way off. The mobilisation team also looked into the establishment of fish-rearing activities for the village to increase their food production and source of income.
    9th January 2016 Gerik Medical camp held at Kg Air Bah Lawin and Kg Sg Karah. SOA team went in with volunteers from Hospital Fatimah,Ipoh.
    26th December 2015 Kg Sekam,Tapah Delivered rice and provisions, had kenduri with villagers at Kg Sekam. Villagers staged a mini concert for SOA team members.Dr Yong gave a sex education talk to youth of the village.
    19th December 2015 Gerik Delivered rice and provisions to Kg Air Bah Lawin and Kg sg Karah.
    28th - 29th November 2015 Gerik Delivered more rice and other supplies to flooded areas in Gerik.
    22nd November 2015 Church of St Michael,Ipoh Received "Stop Hunger Now" fortified rice (equal to about 25,000 meals), this time donated by HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd from its Cyberjaya office.
    21st - 22nd November 2015 Pos Kemar, Gerik Delivered fortified rice and normal 10kg bags of rice to flooded orang asli village in Pos Kemar,Gerik.
    7th November 2015 PAC hall at Church of St Michael,Ipoh First assembly for the Perak Deanery Orang Asli Apostolate attended by representatives and priests from ten parishes in Perak.
    31st October 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Medical camp - Check-up for men, women and children.
    May 2015 to Sept 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Finished pre-school construction,blessing of school and thanksgiving mass at village chapel.Completion of teachers' training for two orang asli youth to teach in village pre-school. Delivered soursop and durian plantings for agriculture purposes.
    20th August 2015 Lost World hotel, Ipoh Received donation of "Stop Hunger Now" fortified rice packs (equal to 25,000 meals) from Sunway group.
    18th to 19th July 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Kenduri fellowship and football match between youth from our church and the village.
    June to Sept 2015 St Michael's Church and Mariaville Kindergarten, Ipoh Teacher training provided to two orang asli women from Kg Sekam, by Good Sheperd Sisters,Ipoh. This is to help facilitate the teaching of pre-school pupils for the village pre-school currently under construction in Kg Sekam,Tapah.
    27th June 2015 Kg Air Bah Lawin, Gerik Medical and Dental Camp
    1st May 2015 Kg Sg Karah, Gerik Built lavatories, constructed a new well, provided haircuts, conducted medical check-ups and treatment for hair lice.
    30th May 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Supplied cement and wiring to villagers for road repairs.
    May 2014 to April 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Refurbished lavatory, installed water filter and basin, re-wire chapel and village houses with sponsored solar LED lights, installed donated generator for chapel, installed sponsored LED TV, provided seedlings for agriculture, provided food aid, delivered sponsored shoes.
    14th Mar 2015 Kg Sekam, Tapah Medical Camp - Conducted medical check-ups and provided medicines. Delivered food packs, garden hoes,shoes.
    24th Feb 2015 Kg Sg Karah, Gerik Delivered food packs and farming tools, surveyed site for well and sanitation works.
    4th Jan 2015 Kg Gajah, Kg Air Bah Lawin, Kg Sg Lawin Selatan, Gerik Delivered food aid including 'Stop Hunger Now' fortified rice packs,drinking water, clothes and blankets for flood relief efforts.Check on vegetable farming initiated at Kg Air Bah Lawin.
    6th Dec to 7th Dec 2014 Church of St Michael,Ipoh Fellowship with orang asli from Tapah, Bidor and Sg Siput during our parish Christmas concert, themed "A Malaysian Christmas". Friends from Kg Sekam also performed at the concert. Kg Sekam villagers also showcased their basket weaving skills and sold wares at our parish hall.
    Nov to 30th Dec 2014 Kg Sekam,Tapah and Kg Air Bah Lawin,Gerik Delivered food aid, seedlings for agriculture.
    1st Sept 2014 Kg Chang, Bidor Medical Camp - Conducted medical check-ups and provided medical assistance.
    21st Aug 2014 Lost World Hotel, Ipoh Received donation of approximately 20,000 meal equivalent of "Stop Hunger Now" rice packs from Sunway Group at the Lost World Hotel,Tambun.
    27th July 2014 Kg Sekam, Tapah Delivered shoes, fellowship kenduri with villagers, friendly football match between our youth and orang asli youth.
    31st May 2014 Kg Sekam, Tapah Medical camp - Purpose was to educate the villagers and also to conduct medical check-ups and provide medical assistance.